2019-2021 Dublin Quiz League season

The sixth season of the Dublin Quiz League kicked off in September 2019. Like the previous season, 21 teams were playing (5 of whom were new), spread across 3 divisions of 7 teams each. A new development this year was the introduction of the solo Brain of Dublin competition, held in parallel from November onwards.

All proceeded as you might expect for a few months until February 2020 — after a certain major world event you may have heard of, all the remaining matches were put on hold during lockdown. In the end, the hiatus lasted for 12 months — due to ongoing uncertainty about when pubs would reopen, the remaining matches were played on Zoom between March and July 2021.

For the second season in a row, we were able to offer over €1,000 in cash prizes – our winners were as follows:

Winning teams

  • Division 1 winners: The Rollin’ Estonians (€300 prize)
  • Division 1 runners-up: Team Jules (€150)
  • Division 2 winners: E = MC Hammer (€200)
  • Division 2 runners-up: The Quizzards of Odd (€120)
  • Division 3 winners: Aldo Bream Sleeps With The Fishes (€150)
  • Division 3 runners-up: Western Quizhounds (€100)

Winners’ gallery

Final league tables

Division 1PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstDifferenceBonusPoints
Division 1PWDLFADiffBPts
1The Rollin' Estonians12813619564+55438
2Team Jules12804596561+35436
3Team Irish Life12624596578+18735
4My Mates in the Corner12615581565+16430
5Obi Won This Round12417565617-52523
6The Floaters12408547578-31622
7The Kew Tours12318566607-41721
Division 2PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstDifferenceBonusPoints
Division 2PWDLFADiffBPts
1E = MC Hammer12912579505+74240
2The Quizzards of Odd12804589527+62537
3The Underdogs12705534551-17432
4The Quizgeralds12516558551+7628
5The Hitsquad Oracles12417499543-44422
6Universally Challenged12408525546-21521
7The Ringers12318480541-61620
Division 3PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstDifferenceBonusPoints
Division 3PWDLFADiffBPts
1Aldo Bream Sleeps With The Fishes121200637408+229048
2Western Quizhounds12903556456+100137
3The Emperor's Chambermaids12813511479+32236
4Dr Fünke's 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution12507473501-28424
5The Aulfellas12408438489-51319
6The Four Horsemen12219425524-99313
7The Quizzimodos121011361544-18315
  • Points are awarded as follows: 4 points awarded for a win, 2 for a draw, 0 for a loss.
  • Bonus points are awarded as follows:
    • Losing bonus: 1 league point awarded to any team who loses a close match (by 7 points or less)
    • Individual bonus: 1 league point awarded to any team who has a “perfect” individual round during a match (4 out of 4 correct with no conferring)
  • If two or more teams are level on points, then the team with the most points “For” are ranked ahead. If that’s also equal, then we use the Points Difference (points For minus points Against).
  • Teams in the prize money and/or promotion slots are shown in green. Teams in the relegation zone are shown in red.

Past results