Dublin Quiz League results

Results for 10th Apr 2017

Match 14

Division 1ScorePointsLosing BonusIndividual BonusScorePointsLosing BonusIndividual Bonus
Division 1ScorePtsLBIBScorePtsLBIB
The Magnificent Seven370Obi Won This Round524
Team Jules574Witchcraft and Quizardry300
The Floaters414My Mates in the Corner290
Division 2
E = MC Hammer504Team Irish Life4501
The Rollin' Estonians414The Duodenojejunal Flexures3501
The Hitsquad Oracles33011Let's Get Quizzical354


Obi Won This Round51 The Rollin' Estonians38
Team Jules44 Team Irish Life45
  • Winning teams for each match are shown in green.
  • Points are awarded as follows: 4 points awarded for a win, 2 for a draw, 0 for a loss.
  • LB = Losing bonus: 1 league point awarded to any team who loses a close match (by 7 points or less)
  • IB = Individual bonus: 1 league point awarded to any team who has a “perfect” individual round during a match (4 out of 4 correct with no conferring)