Dublin Quiz League results

Results for 14th May 2018

Match 16

Division 1ScorePointsLosing BonusIndividual BonusScorePointsLosing BonusIndividual Bonus
Division 1ScorePtsLBIBScorePtsLBIB
Obi Won This Round4401The Randomers474
My Mates in the Corner484The Floaters4401
E = MC Hammer340The Rollin' Estonians494
Team Jules430Team Irish Life534
Division 2
The Duodenojejunal Flexures200Compu Global Hyper Meganets294
The Unusual Suspects464The Hitsquad Oracles4301
The Magnificent Seven454The Fast and the Spurious370
  • Winning teams for each match are shown in green.
  • Points are awarded as follows: 4 points awarded for a win, 2 for a draw, 0 for a loss.
  • LB = Losing bonus: 1 league point awarded to any team who loses a close match (by 7 points or less)
  • IB = Individual bonus: 1 league point awarded to any team who has a “perfect” individual round during a match (4 out of 4 correct with no conferring)
  • If matches are forfeited by one team (due to a no-show), the other team is given an automatic victory, with a “calculated score” being applied to that match, to avoid any skewing of points difference in the league table. The calculated score for the forfeiting team is their average season-to-date losing score, while the calculated score for the non-forfeiting team is their average season-to-date winning score. Forfeiting teams are not eligible for any losing bonus points in that match.