What We Do

Since its founding in 2012, the Irish Quiz Organisation (IQO) has dedicated itself to overseeing and nurturing competitive quizzing in Ireland. Here are the various activities we do which help towards this goal.

  • Quiz Events – beginning with the very first Irish heat of the World Quizzing Championships, held in Athlone in 2012, the IQO directly run over 30 quiz events each calendar year, from the monthly Hot 100 quiz, to the annual Irish Open, to the ongoing Dublin Quiz League. All IQO-run events are listed on our Events page.
  • Rankings – maintaining the Irish quiz rankings which highlight the top competitive quizzers in Ireland every month.
  • Irish international quiz team – the IQO committee oversees the selection of the Ireland teams for international quiz tournaments such the European Quizzing Championships and Celtic Nations and coordinates the sending of teams to these every year.
  • Question-writing and quiz hosting – many members of our committee are experienced question-writers and event hosts and regularly host quizzes for charity or corporate events.
  • Social media – the IQO has a large and active social media presence which includes the posting of quiz questions online, the sharing of table quiz event details for quizzes happening around Ireland, etc. See our Facebook or Twitter feeds for more.