Online Quizzes

There isn’t a table quiz on every night, and the Hot 100 only comes round once a month, so to help you through bouts of quizzing “cold turkey”, here are links to some of the best online Irish and international quizzes, for you to hone your quizzing skills and maybe even win a prize.

IQO Weekly Quiz

Other Weekly Quizzes

Monthly Quizzes

  • Quiz Eire – Monthly quiz of 80 questions, published on the 1st of every month

Quiz websites and apps

  • Sporcle – Trivia, quizzes and brain games
  • JetPunk – Quizzes & trivia games
  • QuizFortune – iPhone/iPad quiz app from a Belfast-based company
  • QuizDeluxe – Online quiz & trivia games
  • QuizUp – Very popular quiz app for iPhone/iPad and Android
  • FleetWit – iPhone app that lets you play one-on-one trivia matches against other players for cash prizes
  • HQ Trivia – iPhone and Android app that features daily “quiz shows” at a certain time, free to enter but with cash prizes for the winners

Online quiz leagues

TV tie-ins