European Quizzing Championships

Held annually since 2004, the European Quizzing Championships is the largest quiz gathering anywhere in Europe. Usually taking place in early November and held in a different city each year, hundreds of top quizzers from around the continent and beyond gather for a weekend to try and grab quizzing glory for themselves and their country!

In 2016, a special Quiz Olympiad tournament was introduced, a larger global event intended to replace the EQC on the calendar once every four years. Due to being run by the same people (International Quizzing Association) and occupying the same place on the quizzing calendar, both events are listed together on this page.

Ireland has sent a representative team to the EQC each year since 2012. Anyone is welcome to enter, but eligibility to play on the Irish A or B teams is dependent on the Irish quiz rankings.

More details about the tournament can be found on the official EQC website.

Event archive

Full details of Ireland’s past participation in the EQC will be added to this website at a later stage.