World Quizzing Championships

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the World Quizzing Championships 2020 has been delayed by 6 months and will now be held on Saturday December 5th. Irish venues will be announced closer to the time.

Every year on the first weekend of June, thousands of quizzers gather in hundreds of venues worldwide to take part in the World Quizzing Championships (WQC).

The Championships are an exam-style quiz, consisting of two solo written papers, each 1 hour long. The highest score worldwide receives the illustrious honour of being World Quiz Champion!

The IQO have hosted an Irish venue for the WQC every year since 2012, allowing quizzers from the four corners of Ireland to come and take part. For details of the 2020 venue, keep an eye on our Upcoming Events page.

For more details about the Championships, visit the official WQC site.