Irish quiz rankings

Since 2013, the Irish Quiz Organisation have maintained the official Irish quiz rankings, namely the league table of the best quizzers in all of Ireland (north and south). The updated rankings are published on this page monthly.

To get on the Irish quiz rankings, you just need to take part in the monthly Hot 100, Squizzed, and/or the annual Irish Open and World Quizzing Championships. See below for the current Top 20 rankings:

Top 20 Irish quiz rankings as of 31st October 2021

RankChange NameEvents playedTop 6 averageOverall average
1-Mark Henry12100.9497.86
2-Paul Culloty1494.9588.3
3-Dave McBryan1392.5688.62
4-Tim Hall1191.2584.38
5-Patrick Carthy1691.1987.67
6-Brian Craythorne1389.2582.1
7+1Colin Foster1386.9977.02
8-1John Hayes1585.9876.64
9-Dan O'Malley1685.7777.97
10-Tom Mead1383.8577.65
11-Gary Stephens1580.973.9
12-David Smith980.4574.48
13+1Aaron McCann1379.3273.11
14+1Eva Barrett1578.2970.45
15+1Gerry Barrett1176.5569.56
16+1John Nolan97672.82
17+2Daniel O'Sullivan975.672.34
18-Joseph O'Donoghue1675.5967.97
19+3Aidan Moss1472.3264.82
20-Kevin McDermott1371.9959.99

This section of the website also contains the following pages:

  • About the Irish quiz rankings – for more details on how the rankings are calculated
  • Rankings archive – monthly quiz rankings stretching back to December 2013, when the current rankings system was introduced
  • Event results – scores from each of the IQO’s ranking quiz events, back to the founding of the IQO in 2012
  • Player results – scores and stats for every Irish player who’s ever taken part in an IQO ranking quiz event

The quizzer ranked at No.1 at 31st December of each year is deemed to be the Official Irish Number 1 ranked quizzer for that year. They receive the IQO’s David Fay Memorial Trophy in recognition of their achievement. The past winners of this award have been as follows: