Hot 100

Once a month, quizzers all over the world take part in the same quiz to earn World Quiz Rankings points (and in the case of Irish quizzers, IQO rankings points too).

The quiz consists of 100 questions that have an international flavour and is known as the “Hot 100”. It’s an individual written quiz (not a team quiz) and takes 45 minutes to complete.

The Hot 100 is currently done in a number of locations around Ireland every month:

We’d love to get quizzers all over the country doing the Hot 100. All it takes is to get two or more quizzers together and spend 45 minutes doing the quiz once a month.

Send us a message via the Contact Us page and we can put you in touch with any other quizzers in your area who are interested.

By taking the Hot 100 you can:

  • see how you compare with the best quizzers both from Ireland and around the world
  • get onto the Irish rankings and possibly qualify to represent Ireland at international level