Irish Quizzing Championships

The Irish Quizzing Championships is simply an overall name given to two of the IQO’s major quiz events, which have been held together on the same weekend since 2022.

Irish Open – first held in 2013, this annual competition is Ireland’s premier solo written quiz competition, which over the course of 240 questions looks to find the best quizzer in Ireland.

Irish Interprovincial Quizzing Championships – first held in 2019, the Interprovincials pit teams representing Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster against each other in a day-long team quiz competition.

These events were originally held separately – the Irish Open in September and the Interprovincials in March.

Following the resumption of in-person quiz events in 2022 post COVID, we decided to combine both events into a weekend-long event and give it the name Irish Quizzing Championships. Two have been held so far – details as follows:

2022 Irish Quizzing Championships

2023 Irish Quizzing Championships