Event results

This is a list of all ranking events ever hosted by the Irish Quiz Organisation, right back to its establishment in 2012. Click any event name to view the results of that event.

DateQuiz nameGlobal top scorer(s)PointsIrish top scorer(s)Points
Sep 2021SquizzedTroy Meyer87Mark Henry84
Jul 2021World Quizzing ChampionshipsRonny Swiggers166Patrick Carthy115
Jul 2021Hot 100Pat Gibson98Mark Henry97
Jun 2021Hot 100Pat Gibson94Paul Culloty91
May 2021Hot 100Tim Hall, Mark Henry, Issa Schultz94Mark Henry, Tim Hall94
Apr 2021Hot 100Mark Henry94Mark Henry94
Mar 2021Hot 100Pat Gibson95Dave McBryan87
Feb 2021Hot 100Pat Gibson93Tim Hall90
Jan 2021SquizzedLorcan Duff91Lorcan Duff91
Jan 2021Hot 100Mark Henry85Mark Henry85
Dec 2020SquizzedSteve Perry81Patrick Carthy68
Dec 2020World Quizzing ChampionshipsRavikant Avva159Mark Henry140
Nov 2020SquizzedSteve Perry83Paul Culloty75
Nov 2020Hot 100Mark Henry89Mark Henry89
Oct 2020SquizzedSteve Perry87Paul Culloty72
Oct 2020Hot 100Pat Gibson93Mark Henry89
Sep 2020SquizzedSteve Perry88Mark Henry81
Sep 2020Hot 100Mark Henry91Mark Henry91
Aug 2020SquizzedTim Polley82Dave McBryan72
Aug 2020Hot 100Mark Henry, Kevin Ashman87Mark Henry87
Jul 2020SquizzedTim Polley83Dave McBryan73
Jul 2020Hot 100Kevin Ashman90Mark Henry86
Jun 2020SquizzedSteve Perry90Mark Henry87
Jun 2020Not the World Quizzing ChampionshipsRaj Dhuwalia91Mark Henry81
May 2020Hot 100Issa Schultz93Lorcan Duff91
Apr 2020Hot 100Lorcan Duff86Lorcan Duff86
Mar 2020Hot 100Kevin Ashman91Dave McBryan83
Feb 2020SquizzedSteve Perry, Tim Polley86Mark Henry82
Feb 2020Hot 100Kevin Ashman82Mark Henry73
Jan 2020SquizzedSteve Perry86Dave McBryan77
Jan 2020Hot 100Issa Schultz88Mark Henry85
Dec 2019SquizzedPerica Živanović, Pat Gibson85Mark Henry78
Dec 2019Hot 100Mark Henry88Mark Henry88
Nov 2019SquizzedSteve Perry90Mark Henry80
Nov 2019Hot 100Pat Gibson88Tim Hall73
Oct 2019SquizzedSteve Perry89Dave McBryan, Patrick Carthy74
Oct 2019Hot 100Kevin Ashman87Mark Henry76
Sep 2019Irish OpenPat Gibson173Mark Henry170
Sep 2019SquizzedSteve Perry94Dave McBryan, Patrick Carthy75
Sep 2019Hot 100Thomas Kolåsæter78Mark Henry70
Aug 2019SquizzedTim Polley90Dave McBryan69
Aug 2019Hot 100Mark Henry91Mark Henry91
Jul 2019SquizzedSteve Perry91Mark Henry73
Jul 2019Hot 100Tim Polley87Mark Henry84
Jun 2019SquizzedSteve Perry90Mark Henry76
Jun 2019World Quizzing ChampionshipsOlav Bjortomt171Lorcan Duff157
May 2019SquizzedSteve Perry83Kevin Jones69
May 2019Hot 100Kevin Ashman85Mark Henry76
Apr 2019SquizzedSteve Perry88Dave McBryan78
Apr 2019Hot 100Mark Henry90Mark Henry90
Mar 2019SquizzedPat Gibson86Mark Henry78
Mar 2019Hot 100Kevin Ashman88Dave McBryan81
Feb 2019SquizzedSteve Perry83David Lea77
Feb 2019Hot 100Tim Polley92Mark Henry90
Jan 2019SquizzedThomas Kolåsæter86Mark Henry76
Jan 2019Hot 100Kevin Ashman88Mark Henry76
Dec 2018Hot 100Steve Perry87Lorcan Duff78
Nov 2018Hot 100Mark Grant87Lorcan Duff82
Oct 2018Hot 100Didier Bruyere89Mark Henry85
Sep 2018Irish OpenMark Henry153Mark Henry153
Sep 2018Hot 100Didier Bruyere90Mark Henry83
Aug 2018Hot 100Kevin Ashman83Mark Henry77
Jul 2018Hot 100Didier Bruyere89Mark Henry, Lorcan Duff, David Lea78
Jun 2018World Quizzing ChampionshipsOlav Bjortomt164Mark Henry134
May 2018Hot 100Steve Perry84Dave McBryan75
Apr 2018Hot 100Didier Bruyere78Mark Henry70
Mar 2018Hot 100Didier Bruyere88Mark Henry78
Feb 2018Hot 100Kevin Ashman80Lorcan Duff71
Jan 2018Hot 100Kevin Ashman89David Lea77
Dec 2017Hot 100Pat Gibson86Lorcan Duff77
Nov 2017Hot 100Kevin Ashman83Dave McBryan69
Oct 2017Hot 100Kevin Ashman90Mark Henry75
Sep 2017Irish OpenPaul Sinha164Lorcan Duff159
Sep 2017Hot 100Didier Bruyere90Lorcan Duff85
Aug 2017Hot 100Kevin Ashman90Mark Henry78
Jul 2017Hot 100Didier Bruyere85Lorcan Duff77
Jun 2017World Quizzing ChampionshipsKevin Ashman168Mark Henry141
May 2017Hot 100Kevin Ashman89Mark Henry, Lorcan Duff77
Apr 2017Hot 100Pat Gibson92Mark Henry, Lorcan Duff83
Mar 2017Hot 100Kevin Ashman86Lorcan Duff, Dave McBryan73
Feb 2017Hot 100Ronny Swiggers79Mark Henry68
Jan 2017Hot 100Kevin Ashman85Dave McBryan65
Dec 2016Hot 100Didier Bruyere83Mark Henry69
Nov 2016Hot 100Kevin Ashman82Dave McBryan72
Oct 2016Hot 100Pat Gibson85Mark Henry, Dave McBryan71
Sep 2016Irish OpenMark Henry173Mark Henry173
Sep 2016Hot 100Kevin Ashman84Mark Henry74
Aug 2016Hot 100Kevin Ashman87Dave McBryan78
Jul 2016Hot 100Pat Gibson90Mark Henry84
Jun 2016World Quizzing ChampionshipsKevin Ashman171Mark Henry142
May 2016Hot 100Didier Bruyere84David Lea74
Apr 2016Hot 100Pat Gibson86Kevin Jones77
Mar 2016Norway OpenTero Kalliolevo174Mark Henry149
Mar 2016Hot 100Ronny Swiggers91Dave McBryan80
Feb 2016Hot 100Pat Gibson88Lorcan Duff77
Jan 2016Hot 100Mark Henry88Mark Henry88
Dec 2015Hot 100Pat Gibson86Lorcan Duff78
Nov 2015Hot 100Pat Gibson86Lorcan Duff74
Oct 2015Hot 100Ronny Swiggers84David Lea73
Sep 2015Hot 100Ronny Swiggers82Dave McBryan72
Aug 2015Hot 100Kevin Ashman83Kevin Jones70
Jul 2015Hot 100Andrei Baburin75Lorcan Duff72
Jun 2015World Quizzing ChampionshipsOlav Bjortomt161Lorcan Duff, Dave McBryan121
May 2015Hot 100Tom Trogh79Lorcan Duff76
Apr 2015Hot 100Pat Gibson74Lorcan Duff73
Mar 2015Irish OpenDave McBryan168Dave McBryan168
Mar 2015Hot 100Scott Dawson80Lorcan Duff74
Feb 2015Hot 100Pat Gibson86Lorcan Duff80
Jan 2015Hot 100Kevin Ashman83Lorcan Duff71
Dec 2014Hot 100Kevin Ashman80Lorcan Duff79
Dec 2014British OpenKevin Ashman120Lorcan Duff113
Nov 2014Hot 100Kevin Ashman83Lorcan Duff74
Oct 2014Hot 100Pat Gibson87Lorcan Duff82
Sep 2014Hot 100Kevin Ashman87Lorcan Duff81
Sep 2014British Quizzing ChampionshipsPat Gibson152David Lea123
Aug 2014Hot 100Lorcan Duff84Lorcan Duff84
Jul 2014Hot 100Mark Grant77Lorcan Duff75
Jun 2014World Quizzing ChampionshipsVikram Joshi176Dave McBryan129
May 2014Hot 100Kevin Ashman89Lorcan Duff83
Apr 2014Norway OpenOlav Bjortomt176Lorcan Duff156
Apr 2014Hot 100Ronny Swiggers87Mark Henry80
Mar 2014Irish OpenLorcan Duff183Lorcan Duff183
Mar 2014Hot 100Kevin Ashman87Lorcan Duff81
Feb 2014Hot 100Olav Bjortomt81Lorcan Duff73
Jan 2014Hot 100Kevin Ashman87Lorcan Duff80
Dec 2013Hot 100Pat Gibson86Kevin Jones69
Nov 2013Hot 100Kevin Ashman85Lorcan Duff66
Oct 2013Hot 100Steve Perry85Lorcan Duff70
Sep 2013Hot 100Kevin Ashman86David Lea78
Sep 2013British Quizzing ChampionshipsKevin Ashman140David Lea124
Aug 2013Hot 100Kevin Ashman84David Lea77
Jul 2013Hot 100Kevin Ashman86David Lea79
Jun 2013World Quizzing ChampionshipsPat Gibson172Lorcan Duff131
May 2013Hot 100Kevin Ashman86David Lea73
Apr 2013Hot 100Kevin Ashman88Lorcan Duff74
Mar 2013Irish OpenLorcan Duff51Lorcan Duff51
Mar 2013Hot 100Kevin Ashman85Lorcan Duff71
Feb 2013Hot 100Steve Perry86Dave McBryan65
Jan 2013Hot 100John Hayes51John Hayes51
Jun 2012World Quizzing ChampionshipsJesse Honey186Paul Culloty157