Irish Quiz League: Season 3

Season 3 of the Zoom-based Irish Quiz League was held between January and April 2023, and consisted of 26 teams from across Ireland and beyond.

  • The 26 teams were arranged into three divisions: the top two divisions had 9 teams each while the third division had 8 teams (though we did have one team drop out along the way, so Division 3 finished with only 7 teams).
  • The season ran for nine weeks, between January 23rd and April 24th 2023 – skipping 1-2 Mondays per month due to Irish bank holidays and Dublin Quiz League match nights.
  • There was a total prize fund of over €1,000 with cash prizes for the winner and runner-up in each division.
  • Promotion/relegation was in effect for top & bottom 2 teams in each division, for the subsequent season later in 2023.
  • At the end of the League season, for the first time we ran an IQL Cup knock-out competition during the month of May, with free entry to all current League teams. Current fixtures for the IQL Cup can be found back on the main Irish Quiz League page.

Roll of honour:

Division 1

  • Champions: A Tribe Called Cheist (€300 cash prize)
    • Frank Tobin (captain)
    • Callum McClements
    • Gary Stephens
    • Brian Craythorne
    • Liam Thom
    • Darragh Ennis
    • Mick Lee
  • Runners-up: The Rollin’ Estonians (€150)
    • Patrick Carthy (captain)
    • Paul Curtayne
    • Gearóid Grogan
    • Kevin Finn
    • Matthew Marcus

Division 2

  • Champions: C4M2L (€200 prize + promotion to Div 1)
    • Michael Gunn (captain)
    • Liam Rabbitte
    • Chris Joyce
    • Chris McKenzie
    • Colm Beirne
    • Martha Egan
    • Colm Ó Laoghóg
  • Runners-up: Thrown Together (€120 + promotion)
    • Cathal Dunne (captain)
    • Alan McClarty
    • Martin Blake
    • Kevin Lawless
    • Tom Waddell

Division 3

  • Champions: The 4 Of Us (€150 + promotion to Div 2)
    • Ailsa Watson (captain)
    • Rob Gilbert
    • Catherine Duffy
    • Sean Nolan
    • Patrick Conway
    • David Cruickshank
  • Runners-up: Eoin’s Motley Q (€100 + promotion)
    • Eoin McCarthy (captain)
    • Collie Bartley
    • Andrew Tracey
    • Ian Woods

Season 3 league tables & results:

Division 1PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstDifferenceBonusPoints
Division 1PWDLFADiffBPts
1A Tribe called Cheist
Frank Tobin (captain)
Brian Craythorne
Callum McClements
Darragh Ennis
Gary Stephens
Liam Thom
Mick Lee
2The Rollin' Estonians
Patrick Carthy (captain)
Clive Dunning
Gearóid Grogan
James Harpin
Kevin Finn
Paul Curtayne
Paddy Duffy (captain)
Dave McBryan
Brian Shaw
Carol Cronin
Patrick Conway
Rick O'Shea
Aidan McQuade
4The Motley Crew
Amit De (captain)
Shane Whitlock
Mark Eves
Quentin Holt
Pat Gibson
5The O'Gravitons
Daniel O'Sullivan (captain)
Donal O'Driscoll
Joe Mac Sweeney
Paul Culloty
Thomas Keating
Chris Harrison
Martina Quinn
Conor Horgan (captain)
David Rogers
James Conroy
John McKenna
Liam Whelehan
Noel Rogers
Paul Hannon
7Aldo Bream Sleeps With The Fishes
Eamonn O'Riordan (captain)
Alan King
Brian O'Halloran
Donal Ring
John Holohan
8Risky Quizness
Jonathan Williams (captain)
Daniel Fullard
Karen Byrne
Kevin McDermott
Tony Rafferty
Vincent O'Connor
9E=MC Hammer
Joseph O'Donoghue (captain)
Alan Slattery
Brian Murphy
Colin Foster
Conor Murphy
Dougie Russell
Seoan Webb
Sid Iyer
Tom Lenihan
Division 2PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstDifferenceBonusPoints
Division 2PWDLFADiffBPts
Michael Gunn (captain)
Chris Joyce
Chris McKenzie
Colm Beirne
Colm Ó Laoghóg
Liam Rabbitte
Martha Egan
Niall Duddy
2Thrown Together
Cathal Dunne (captain)
Alan McClarty
Gerry Barrett
Jason Butler
Kevin Lawless
Tom Diffley
Tom Waddell
3The Underdogs
Mark Lynch (captain)
Cathy Goulding
Dave Finn
Eoin Cotter
James Sherry
Gerry Barrett (captain)
Tom Diffley
Tom Clarke
Stephen MacDonagh
Erin McBride
Damien White
5The Kew Tours
Derek Cray (captain)
Bernard Sellars
John Groarke
Colm Murphy
Colm O’Sullivan
6The Floaters
Paul Hughes (captain)
Brian O'Hanlon
Peter Lowney
Peter Smith
Pádraig McLoughlin
Fiona Diffley (captain)
Fariz Iqbal
Liz Flynn
Elizabeth McGeown
Kevin Conlon
Stanley Wang
Stuart Redmond
8The Inquizitives
Maura Tobin (captain)
Audrey Maguire
Chris Devine
Kevin G Conroy
Christy Cooper
9The Honeybadgers
Darragh Buckley (captain)
Fintan O'Meara
David Carolan
Adam Nevin
Stephen Screeney
Division 3PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstDifferenceBonusPoints
Division 3PWDLFADiffBPts
1The 4 of Us
Ailsa Watson (captain)
Catherine Duffy
David Cruickshank
Patrick Conway
Rob Gilbert
Sean Nolan
2Eoin's Motley Q
Eoin McCarthy (captain)
Andrew Tracey
Collie Bartley
Ian Wolfe
Michael Heary
3Poblacht na gCeisteanna
Paddy Ryan (captain)
Cheyenne Fletcher
Lisa Hyland
Stephen Mooney
Others TBC
4The Infamous Table M
Pat O'Connell (captain)
Brian Nolan
Colm Byrne
Gerry Kennedy
Ray McNamara
Steve Ashley
5Jejah Bombs
Helen Bullock (captain)
Gavin Grace
Justin Wong
Edward Leonard
Adish Talwadker
John Murphy
6Quizzie Maguire
Ciaran Gallagher (captain)
Others TBC
7Silver Backs
Richelle Tracy (captain)
Others TBC

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