Quarantine Quiz Packs

Current fundraising total: €3,099.41 (as of 20th December 2023)

One noticeable side-effect of the COVID-19 lockdown was a huge surge in online quizzing. And here at the IQO were regularly approached by people running their own quizzes for the first time but who didn’t want the hassle of writing questions for themselves.

With that in mind, we decided to fill that need — and also raise some money for a good cause at the same time. So we created what we called Quarantine Quiz Packs — basically ready-made sets of questions that anyone can download and use for their own quizzes, in exchange for a donation to charity.

During 2020 and 2021 we created five such question packs, all available on this page. And even though lockdown has ended, you’re still welcome to make use of the question packs via the below download buttons:

Each pack contains:

  • 8 rounds of general-knowledge questions, including 2 picture rounds and 1 music round (The picture rounds and music round are intended to be screen-shared in Zoom or other similar videoconferencing software)
  • The questions are a mixed selection of subjects and difficulty levels to suit everyone
  • All questions were verified and were up-to-date as of the date the pack was published (given that the packs were all written in 2020/21 we recommend sanity-checking all questions before you use them in a current quiz)

The packs themselves are free to download so you can use the questions in your own quizzes — however, the file containing the answers is locked with a password. To unlock this file we’ll ask for a charity donation — which charity and how much is entirely up to you, but we suggest a €10 minimum.

After you’ve downloaded either pack, to obtain the password please forward the email receipt from your charity donation to questions@quizireland.ie and we’ll send you the password as soon as possible via email.