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Michael Lysaght


  • Year(s) active: 2013
  • Total events played: 3
  • Highest Irish ranking achieved: 36th
  • Best Hot 100 score: 35
  • Average Hot 100 score: 33
  • Best global ranking at World Quizzing Championships: 1166th

Event history:

MonthEventScorePointsGlobal rankGlobal percentile
Dec 2013Hot 1003034.88n/an/a
Jun 2013World Quizzing Championships4229.30116641%
Mar 2013Hot 1003541.18n/an/a

Rankings history:

MonthRankPlayed6 game averageOverall average
Nov 201466 (+1)15.8134.88
Oct 201467 (+2)15.8134.88
Sep 201469 (-2)15.8134.88
Aug 201467 (+1)15.8134.88
Jul 201468 (+3)15.8134.88
Jun 201471 (-25)15.81 (-4.88)34.88 (+2.79)
May 201446 (-2)210.732.09
Apr 201444210.732.09
Mar 201444 (-7)210.7 (-6.86)32.09 (-3.03)
Feb 201437317.5635.12
Jan 201437 (-1)317.5635.12
Dec 201336317.5635.12

Rankings history graph:

This graph shows how this player's ranking has trended over time.

Average score history:

This graph shows how this player's average scores have trended over time. This is arguably a better indicator of an individual's personal performance, since unlike the rankings history, it's not affected by other players.

For comparison, both overall average score and top 6 average score are shown -- as a reminder, "top 6 average" (i.e. the average of a player's 6 best scores) is what is used to calculate ranking. Usually this is higher than overall average, but it can drop suddenly if a player has less than 6 eligible scores in a given month, since it is always calculated by dividing total scores by 6 -- even if a player has played less than 6 events.