2018-2019 Dublin Quiz League season

Lasting from October 2018 to April 2019, the fifth season of the Dublin Quiz League saw the league’s biggest expansion yet – 5 new teams, bringing the total participants to 21 and necessitating the creation of a third division.

The season had been due to start in September, but was delayed for a month due to the sad and untimely passing of our friend and fellow quizzer John O’Sullivan in early September 2018. John had been an integral part of the League since the beginning: without his efforts the DQL wouldn’t be where it is now. In John’s memory, the cup awarded to the Division 1 champions is henceforth known as the John O’Sullivan Memorial Trophy.

Speaking of Division 1 champions, Obi Won This Round held off all comers this season to take their third title, narrowly pipping Team Jules into second place when the latter suffered a defeat in their penultimate match.

Meanwhile, in Division 2, The Kew Tours, including John O’Sullivan’s son Colm, marked their maiden season by convincingly winning the Div 2 title.

An even more dramatic debut of sorts happened in Division 3, where The Lawless Murphys made one or two personnel changes and renamed themselves to The Quizgeralds, a rebranding which was to prove highly effective as they powered to the Division 3 title, in the process becoming the first-ever DQL team to remain unbeaten for an entire season.

Yet again the venues for the League had to change: The Long Stone pub, which had been our venue for two-and-a-half seasons, closed its doors for good in December 2018 after 264 years in business, ahead of its planned demolition to make way for a new office block. As a result, halfway through the season, we had to find a new venue – two new venues in fact, since we prefer to use two neighbouring pubs for ease of logistics and there was nowhere else sufficiently near to Ruin Bar that met our needs. We ended up moving to Sam’s Bar and Café en Seine, 3 doors away from each other on Dawson Street, for the remainder of the season.

Winning teams

  • Division 1 winners: Obi Won This Round (€300 prize)
  • Division 1 runners-up: Team Jules (€150)
  • Division 2 winners: The Kew Tours (€200)
  • Division 2 runners-up: The Floaters (€120)
  • Division 3 winners: The Quizgeralds (€150)
  • Division 3 runners-up: The Quizzards of Odd (€100)

Winners’ gallery

Final league tables

Division 1PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstDifferenceBonusPoints
Division 1PWDLFADiffBPts
1Obi Won This Round12903565502+63238
2Team Jules12804573535+38436
3My Mates in the Corner12705550515+35634
4Team Irish Life12705539497+42432
5The Rollin' Estonians12606536534+2529
6The Unusual Suspects12309469559-90416
7The Duodenojejunal Flexures122010441531-90614
Division 2PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstDifferenceBonusPoints
Division 2PWDLFADiffBPts
1The Kew Tours121002547426+121141
2The Floaters12804534459+75436
3The Hitsquad Oracles12705452470-18331
4The Magnificent Seven12606498482+16428
5E = MC Hammer12606500489+11327
6The Fast and the Spurious12309409520-111113
7The Aulfellas122010402496-94513
Division 3PlayedWonDrawnLostForAgainstDifferenceBonusPoints
Division 3PWDLFADiffBPts
1The Quizgeralds121200567391+176149
2The Quizzards of Odd121002510409+101242
3The Underdogs12606487432+55428
4Universally Challenged12606472428+44327
5The Four Horsemen12408386463-77319
63 Men and a Baby12408388473-85117
7Compu Global Hyper Meganets120012296510-21422
  • Points are awarded as follows: 4 points awarded for a win, 2 for a draw, 0 for a loss.
  • Bonus points are awarded as follows:
    • Losing bonus: 1 league point awarded to any team who loses a close match (by 7 points or less)
    • Individual bonus: 1 league point awarded to any team who has a “perfect” individual round during a match (4 out of 4 correct with no conferring)
  • If two or more teams are level on points, then the team with the most points “For” are ranked ahead. If that’s also equal, then we use the Points Difference (points For minus points Against).
  • Teams in the prize money and/or promotion slots are shown in green. Teams in the relegation zone are shown in red.

Past results