Dublin Quiz League: How it works

Dublin Quiz League matches are held in a Dublin city centre pub every month between September and April, each match night being held on a Monday and lasting from approx. 7.30pm to 10pm. (You can see the match dates for this season on the Current Season page.) The current venues are Sam’s Bar and Café en Seine, both on Dawson Street.

In order to participate in the League, your team must be registered before the season kickoff in September. Registration announcements are posted on this website and on the Dublin Quiz League Facebook group sometime in mid-late August. Or, you can email league@quizireland.ie anytime to express your interest and be added to the mailing list so you receive an email copy of the announcement.

Teams consist of 4 people. Substitutes are allowed for each match if any of the original 4 cannot make it on a particular night.

If an individual wishes to join (without a team) they are welcome to do so, and we will assign them to an available team.

The entry fee (to cover the full quiz season) is €60 per team of 4, or €15 per person.

Matches themselves consist of a mixture of individual questions (where each person on a team is asked a question) and team questions (where all 4 members of a team confer together when answering).

The questions for the League are all written by the participating teams. So each team will be required to write one set of questions at some stage during the league season. (Full guidelines for writing the questions will be supplied to each team at the appropriate time.)

The exact value of the League’s cash prizes are determined by the number of teams & are announced sometime after the season starts. For example, in the 2018-19 season, there were 21 teams taking part and cash prizes for the top 6 teams, with the winning team taking home €300 and a total prize fund of over €1,000.

Any questions? Please email league@quizireland.ie